Our custom wood adjusting blocks make it easy to adjust height and recline
Detail view of our hammock chair
All chairs are handcrafted in our Vermont workshop
Detail of the hand-weaving technique for all of our hammock chairs

Instructions for hanging your chair:

The Original Cobble Mountain Chair Hanging Instructions ››
The Summit Chair Hanging Instructions ››
The Double Chair Hanging Instructions ››

Is hanging hardware included?

Yes. A heavy duty porch swing hook (or two for the Double Chair) is included.

Can I leave my Cobble Mountain Chair out in the rain?

Yes. As is the case with anything left outdoors, you can expect it to get dirty and show signs of weathering with time.

What care and maintenance is recommended?

When needed, wash the rope using warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush; a mild liquid detergent or laundry soap works well. Spread your hammock or chair on a deck or concrete surface and soak it thoroughly with a garden hose, then pour on some soapy water and gently scrub. Try not to disturb the weave pattern while cleaning. Rinse everything thoroughly then allow to dry, preferably in direct sunlight.

Is there a finish on the wood?

Yes. We use an eco-friendly, nontoxic, water based, custom blended penetrating sealant.

How do I care for my pillows/cushions?

In general, light spot cleaning or washing by hand is best, hang to dry. Never machine-wash or machine-dry.

Do you do repairs?

Yes. We can repair any Cobble Mountain product. Contact us to discuss what you need.

Do you have stands for the chairs and hammocks?

No. Our products are compatible with the wooden arch type and steel tube type stands that are readily available.

Do you have a product warranty?

All Cobble Mountain products are warranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear, including prolonged exposure to rain, snow and high humidity, is not covered by our warranty, nor is rot, mold, mildew or damage from improper storage, maintenance or installation.

What is your return policy?

Cobble Mountain products may be returned, if purchased directly through us by phone, mail, or online, within 30 days from date of purchase, for a full refund excluding shipping fees. Contact Cobble Mountain to make arrangements for returns.


Please note that for online sales, we credit only product price but not shipping costs. All credits are transacted in the same method as the original payment. Returned items that are soiled or otherwise damaged will be subject to a return allowance fee that is determined on a case by case basis by Cobble Mountain, Inc.

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